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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

English Grammar E book Download

      Linguists generally accept nine English word classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, determiners, and exclamations. English words are not generally marked for word class. It is not usually possible to tell from the form of a word which class it belongs to except, to some extent, in the case of words with inflectional endings or derivational suffixes. On the other hand, most words belong to more than one word class. For example, run can serve as either a verb or a noun (these are regarded as two different.
      An example of a noun phrase that includes all of the above-mentioned elements is that rather attractive young college student to whom you were talking. Here that is the determiner, rather attractive and young are adjectival pre-modifiers, college is a noun adjunct, student is the noun serving as the head of the phrase, and to whom you were talking is a post-modifier (a relative clause in this case). Notice the order of the pre-modifiers; the determiner that must come first and the noun adjunct college must come after the adjectival modifiers.
Important Link:

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A very beautiful book for children who want to learn good English on their own. Easy English.BY RAJESH PATEL

       In today's modern times, it is important that no child is deprived of the general knowledge of English. In general, most children find it difficult to learn English. Because learning English makes literature difficult for them. In addition, they often do not find literature that a child can easily understand and study at home. This literature has been prepared in an attempt to remove this raw material. In this literature, an attempt has been made to make the basic knowledge of English easily available to the children as well as to make them realize that they can teach on their own. If children are encouraged and given the help they need through education, the use of this literature will only arouse the interest of children in learning English, is the belief and confidence.

A very beautiful book for children who want to learn good English on their own. Easy English.BY RAJESH PATEL

๐Ÿ”น️About this book ๐Ÿ”น️

Education is a process, it is a science. Study Teaching Education is the backbone of social upliftment. While science has found a place in education in modern times, English language teaching is essential for the special study of science. Currently students are not able to perform effectively in the English subject, which may also be due to the lack of effective literature with which children can easily understand basic concepts on their own with effective classroom teaching. Therefore, in order to enable the students to study the initial concepts of English language on their own, the researcher Shri Rajeshbhai Patel has prepared this English teaching booklet with the title Easy English.
Learn to speak, write, and read in English and other languages for free

Learn English with fun mini-lessons that feel like games! Use the free app every day to quickly improve your spoken English. 

     With Duolingo, you’ll improve your English — and have fun. Short lessons help you practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation of English. Start with basic phrases and sentences, and learn new words daily. 

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages around the world.

★ It's free, for real.

★ It's fun! Advance by completing bite-sized lessons, and track your progress with shiny achievements.

Monday, July 27, 2020


      Hello friends In this article you will find information about a great fun application in which you can read Gujarati good news. Send Gujarati good news to your friends. And you can have a good morning too. So I hope you like this article.

Gujarati Suvichar 2020 and Gujarati good morning photos , pic, shayari

Hello my dear Friends i published My App Gujarati suvichar....I hope this post in Per day Update New Gujarati Suvichar with photos and images. this app in different category good morning , shubh savar , good day,and always wish your friends ,.

Features of this app :-

  1. - Create image of suvichar message
  2. - Change background of image
  3. - Get every day new good morning and good night andsuvichar messages
  4. - One tap to copy suvichar to send others
  5. - this sitts  Popular morning wishes to share via sms  and many other platform popular social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  6. - you also Submit your own inspiring and motivational thoughts and make inspire others
  7. - Easy to previous/next navigation.
  8. - Mark as Favourite Messeges

        Gujarati Good Morning Messages  app to inspire and keep motivational your life and share them on social networking sites and  send your friends and many more like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and others. Sharing is also your friends family members and many other to do yu like and lovemade easy with the  as SMS or message to your friends and make them inspire and motivational.

Internet connection is not required to use app.

Good morning messages are best for anyone special compliment

Download Gujarati Suvichar App

Friday, July 24, 2020

When School Open, As Per Official

        When School Open, As Per Official List: As The Time Of 14 April Draws Near, The People Are Growing Eagerly. Everyone Is Waiting For The Lockdown To Open. However, There Is Also A Fear In The Minds Of The People That The Lockdown Period Will Not Be Extended. Meanwhile, The Question That Is Being Asked The Most Is, When Will The Schools And Colleges Open?
          This Is The Question Of Students And Their Parents Across The Country. The Time For The New Academic Session Is Being Passed. Many Important Examinations, Including The Board, Have Halted The Admission Process. All These Will Start Only When Schools And Colleges Are Opened. Many People Are Speculating That Schools And Colleges May Be Opened From April 15 Itself.
         At Such A Time It Is Difficult To Decide Whether The Schools And Colleges Will Be Opened Immediately After The Lockdown. The Government Has Decided That The Situation Will Be Reviewed On April 14. Based On That It Will Be Decided That The School-Colleges Will Be Opened Immediately Or Will Remain Closed For Some More Time.

          However, Now The Government’s Answer To This Question Has Come. Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Has Answered This Question Of The People. He Said – ‘Safety Of Students And Teachers Is The Most Important For The Government. There Are About 34 Crore Students In This Country. This Figure Is More Than The Population Of America. These Students Are Our Biggest Capital.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

BPL Ration Card New List

     There are numerous medical insurance corporations available in the market which supply a number of the finest insurance policies with complete protection advantages. Nonetheless, you will need to decide the declare settlement historical past of the corporate. Although medical insurance insurance policies promise settlement of your medical payments, if the corporate doesn't pay the declare, the coverage wouldn't fulfill its promise. That's the reason the declare settlement file of the corporate is required to be checked.

        The Insurance coverage Regulatory and Growth Authority of India (IRDAI) publishes the Incurred Claims Ratio of medical insurance corporations after the top of each monetary yr. This report exhibits the claims paid by the corporate in opposition to its premium earnings. 

How To Check Gujarat Ration Card List:

1. First you need to download an app from your mobile's play store. For this, you have to go to your mobile play store and search Ration.Card.List
2. And then you have to download this app. You can also download it directly from here.
3. After fully downloading, now you have to open this app first.
4. As soon as you open the app, you will see a list of all the states.
5. Now you have to click on the list of Gujarat State Ration Card from the list.
7. Here you have to fill some requested information.
8. All information such as the name of your district, the name of the block, the name of the village panchayat, and the name of the village will have to be filled.
9. Then click on the submit distribution.
10. As soon as you click on submit button The list of all ration card holders of Gujarat region will be forgotten in front of you.
11. Here you can find your name easily.

       Here you get the name of the ration card holder, what kind of ration card is there, how many family members are included in the ration card, what is the number of the ration card and on which basis the ration card is issued to the ration card holder, etc. You will get complete information about it.

Click Here To View List

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to get Duplicate Adhar card from

  • You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 50 for Aadhaar reprint
  • There are Aadhaar cards of 125 crore citizens living in the country

       Delhi. Aadhaar card is a very important document in our country. It is often demanded as an identity card in many places. If your Aadhaar card is lost somewhere, you may face many problems. To avoid this problem, you need to get another Aadhaar card (Aadhaar reprint). You do not have to go anywhere for this and you can get another support just by sitting at home. You only have to spend Rs 50 for this.

The process of applying for online support

  • First go to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website
  • Click on the Order Aadhaar Reprint (Pilot Basis) option at the bottom under the Aadhaar Services section here. This will open a new tab.
  • Now enter your Aadhaar number / Virtual ID and security code here under the Personal Details section.
  • After providing this information, click on Send OTP button. An OTP will come to your mobile.
  • If your mobile number is not registered with Aadhaar database then click on the relevant option given against Request OTP. Selecting this option will prompt you for your mobile number. Enter it and click on the Send OTP button.
  • Apart from these two options you can also use the TOTP option. Your phone must have the m-Aadhaar application to use it.
  • Now enter the OTP or TOTP sent to your mobile and click on the submit button after clicking against the terms and conditions.
  • You will be notified of your support details after submitting the OTP. After verifying it, click on Make Payment button.
  • After doing this you will be diverted to the payment gateway. Here you can pay Rs 50 (including GST and postal charges) using credit card, debit card, net banking and UPI.
  • You will be shown acknowledgment status after successful payment. In addition, you can also download the enrollment slip. A service request number will also be sent to your mobile.
  • UIDAI will print the base and deliver to Indian Post within 5 days after the entire process is completed. The postal department will then deliver it to your home by speed post.
  • Now you can also get support related support on Twitter

          The Unique Identification Authority of India has started solving the problems of Aadhaar card users on Twitter keeping in view their convenience. Now you can solve your problem with the help of social site Twitter. For this you have to tweet on UIDAI and Aadhaar_Care. Apart from this, the official Twitter handle of the regional office of the Aadhaar Center has also been given. Here too you can make your complaint.

  • Support to 125 crore people in the country
  • According to data released by the Unique Identification Authority of India in December 2019, Aadhaar cards have been created for 125 crore citizens living in the country. The Aadhaar project was implemented in the year 2010 in the country.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Secure App Lock free to download

      Secure App Lock free to download, w/ fingerprint lock! Use for parental control.
Keep your private and professional life safe with Bear Lock, the best app lock in the Google Play Store! ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ”’

       Bear Lock allows you to set a password for apps on your phone or tablet to secure your emails, photos, text messages & any other apps you want. An app to lock my apps? That’s right! Long gone are the days of your friends sneaking into your personal apps! So what are you waiting for? Download App Lock free today and get protected instantly!
       Jasper is your personal guard bear for all your sensitive and private apps. You’ll catch him hanging around when you unlock your app. He’s a friendly pal to have but he’s not nice to everyone, especially snoopers. Those nosey friends and intruders won’t like him when he’s angry!
- App Lock fingerprint support on compatible devices
- Lock apps with password, a pattern or a 4 digit code
- Flexible locking system
- Hide your notifications
- Snap a picture of intruders
- Invisible pattern & randomized keypad
- Fake error screen
- Snooze mode
- Prevent unauthorized uninstalls of apps
       Choose what apps you want to protect on your phone or tablet! Thanks to our secure app lock technology, only you can unlock sensitive apps, like Gmail, your Photo Gallery, Facebook, and more. Lock apps with a pattern or a 4 digit code. A fingerprint app lock feature is also available if your phone uses fingerprint recognition technology.
You decide when your apps lock again: from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, or even after you turn off your screen. Our customizable app lock allows you to define your own desired levels of security!
         Activate this feature on apps of your choice to prevent notifications from being seen by unwanted eyes! For example, if enabled for WhatsApp, you will still get notifications for incoming messages, but Bear Lock will hide the content of the message so people around you can’t see it.
       Who are those pesky snoopers trying to bypass your code?! With this feature, Bear Lock will take a picture of any intruder after several wrong attempts of your security code!
For more privacy protection, enable advanced security options such as using an invisible pattern or a randomized keypad! This will prevent hovering eyes from glancing over at your security code. ๐Ÿ‘€
Keep your app lock a secret by confusing intruders with a fake error screen! Instead of the Bear Lock security screen, accessing a locked app will show a fake “App has stopped” error message. They’ll think the app isn’t working and only you will know the secret in bypassing the error screen.
Bear Lock adds security to your phone when you need it, but you can also turn it off at anytime. This is an app to lock apps, but you can also “snooze” Bear Lock, which will keep apps unlocked for your chosen time frame. Your apps will automatically lock when time is up.
     Bear Lock has a feature to prevent anyone using your device from uninstalling apps, including Bear Lock of course.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

Know Your Amount of Ration Card Online Ration Card List 2020 Gujarat, Online Apply & Status Check: Government of Gujarat, Directorate of Food & Civil Supplies has released the Gujarat Ration Card List through the official website. A resident of Gujarat State can check the beneficiary list Village Wise online at and . Candidates can also fill up the online application form to get a new ration card. In COVID 19 Lockdown 66 lakh families under NFSA Will get Rs. 1000 in their bank accounts from next Monday. Applicants can also modify the details like Name Addition/deletion Online Form and Correction in Ration Card.

    Our country is currently facing the COVID-19 epidemic and the entire country is locked down. Poor families are facing food problems. So the Government of Gujarat has decided to given foodgrains to poor people through the ration cards on subsidized prices. The beneficiary of Gujarat State can check the  Ration Card List from the official website of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department, Govt. of Gujarat. Already registered candidates can apply for the Name Addition/deletion, Correction in Online Form, Helpline Number. Gujarat Government will be provided free Food Grains or free ration under the Gujarat Anna Brahma Yojana. There are a total of 3.25 Crore beneficiaries can get benefits under the scheme. Check the beneficiary list and Application Status from the official website.

Saturday, July 18, 2020


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

     Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are moreo likely to develop serious illness.

The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face. 

     At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.

GoI’s app to connect health services with the people of India to fight COVID-19

Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.

     Android Mobile Security 2020 with Free Antivirus, Virus cleaner & Phone cleaner
Protect against viruses & other types of malware with Avast Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app for Android.
Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spyware or adware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secure your device against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls, infected websites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to keep your online browsing private and safe, as well as to access your favorite paid streaming services when traveling abroad.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) Recruitment 2020

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) Recruitment 2020 Our site (RMC) Rajkot Municipal Apprentice Recruitment 2020. Applications are invited for the post of (1) Deputy General Manager- (Electrical, District Cooling System, Power)- 1 (2) Programmer Cum Web Developer-1 (3) Account Officer-1 (4) Assistant Manager ICT & Smart City Centre (ICCC) -1 on contractual basis (11 months) for RSCDL. Interested candidates will have to download the application form and other details like Age, Qualification, Experience etc. from & and submit the filled application to “The General Manager, RSCDL, Room No. 10, 1st Floor, RMC West Zone Office, B/h Big Bazaar, Rajkot-360005.” with the envelope clearly mentioning “Application for the Above Post ”from 17/07/20 to  24/07/20 upto 18:00 Hours only.

Educational Qualification: Please read Official Notification for Educational Qualification details. Selection Process: Candidates will be selected based on an interview.
Job Location:: Rajkot, Gujarat How to Apply: Interested Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website. Contact No: - (0281) 2221607 / Email: To apply online, consider the following details. Candidates should read the recruitment information and instructions carefully before applying online. Candidate should have his / her colored passport size photo AKB. (105 X 145) and Signature 2 KB (215 X 80) Size will be scanned and uploaded in JPG format so as not to exceed size. Steps to Apply Online: - The first applicant will have to save all their details in the on-line application. Doing so will generate the reference number of the applicant's application which the applicant has to remember.           Applicant will  have to upload his scanned photograph and signature using reference number. After saving the application, the candidate will have to confirm. Only then will the application be considered valid and can be made online Go to the website of Rajkot Municipal Corporation in fee payment, after clicking on your application number, date of birth and mobile number, click on Search. The fee payment can be made online only from the get-go. And after the on-line payment, the print of the application can be deleted immediately.
Important Dates:
Starting Date of Online Application: 17/07/20
Last Date to Apply Online: 24/07/20 


Wednesday, July 15, 2020

NTSE Gujarat Result 2020- SCERT, Gujarat has announced

        NTSE Gujarat Result 2020- SCERT, Gujarat has announced the Gujarat NTSE stage 1 result on March 28, 2020. The result of Gujarat NTSE is released in online mode. Students who appeared for the NTSE Gujarat exam will be able to download their result from Final NTSE Gujarat result 2020 is published in the form of merit list. Selected students will be able to check their names in the merit lists. SCERT has also released the cutoffs along with the NTSE Gujarat result. Students who will score the cutoff marks will qualify for the second and final stage of the NTSE . NCERT will conduct the NTSE 2020 Stage 2 on May 10, 2020. It will also release the NTSE result and cutoff for stage 2 exams in August 2020. Students who will meet the final cutoff will be awarded scholarships. Read the article to know more about the NTSE Gujarat result 2020.
       Latest - NTSE Gujarat result for stage 1 exam has been announced on March 28, 20020. Click here to download the merit list. Also, check NTSE Gujarat cutoff 2020 here.
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NTSE Gujarat Result 2020- Important Dates



Gujarat NTSE 2020 exam 

November 3, 2019 (Sunday)

Release of Answer Key and provisional result 

November 8, 2019

Announcement of NTSE Gujarat Result 

March 28, 2020

Release of NTSE Stage II Admit Card 

April 2020

Conduction of NTSE exam for stage 2 

May 10, 2020 ( Sunday)

Announcement of NTSE Stage 2 Result 

August 2020

How to check NTSE Gujarat Result 2020?

Students can check for their name and roll number in the merit list of NTSE Gujarat 2020 . Follow the below-given steps to view Gujarat NTSE result

Monday, July 13, 2020

Home scheme umbrella / shade scheme for fruit and vegetable sellers in Gujarat

Umbrella / Shed Scheme for Fruit and Vegetable Vendors in Gujarat: A scheme to provide free umbrella / shade to small vendors to prevent spoilage of fruits and vegetables.

    The scheme will provide umbrellas to vendors of haat bazaars, lorries of state fruits, vegetables, flowers and perishable agricultural products by the side of the road. In this scheme, one adult per family (i.e. one umbrella per ration card) will be entitled to one adult.
After applying online application in i-farmer portal, get the instrument paper shown in the application along with the print of the application, sign / thumb print which should be submitted to the horticulture office of that district within the stipulated time. The pre-approval will be given by the district office within the target limits after verifying the eligibility of the applicant on the basis of the application received from the applicant and the instrumental papers. The selected applicant will have to get the umbrella from the authorized seller of the vacated company within the stipulated time.
         The scheme will provide free umbrellas to hawkers with lorries selling fruits, vegetables, flowers and perishable agricultural products of the state on the road side, selling in the haat bazaar. เชฎાં In this scheme one adult per family (i.e. one umbrella per ration card) will be entitled to one adult. applicatiion After applying online in i-farmer portal, get the print of the application, sign / thumb print along with the instrumental papers shown in the application which should be submitted to the horticulture office of that district within the prescribed time limit. applicatiion Prior approval will be given from the district office within the target limit after checking the eligibility of the applicant based on the application received from the applicant and instrumental papers.  ​​The selected applicant from the authorized seller of the empanelted company will have to get the umbrella within the stipulated time.

Possible target of the state for the year 2020-21

1. Anyone can apply for the schemes available at that time on the iKhedut portal.

2. The eligibility and non-eligibility of the application is determined by the designated officer on the basis of site inspection or manual verification of records.

   The status of whether the application is eligible or not is updated in the application by the authorized person.

Monthly Planing 2020 Std.3 To 8 By GCERT | 2020-2021

       Children with visual impairments are increasingly becoming students in general education classrooms. Teaching students that are visually impaired requires preparation, planning, and support from specialists. Use this guide to begin the educational journey to accommodate these students’ needs.

        Creating yearly plans for the classroom will give you an overview of your curriculum at a glance. When kept in your lesson plan book, it can help you to stay on track each month in meeting the curriculum goals that you have set for the year.

Creating Your Yearly Plans for the Classroom

Important Link:

1. Start by creating a blank table for your template in a word processing document. List the months, September through June in the first column. In the rows at the top of the table, list all of your content areas from your curriculum guide (for example, health, phonics, word work, spelling, social studies, science, and math). See the download below. Yearly lesson plan templates can also be store-bought, but when the form is self-created, it is more likely to be easier to work with and utilized. The first year I did this, I used someone else’s form and I found it difficult to work with. Now is time to start planning. Information can be typed in on the form; however, I still like to write in pencil so that I can modify my plans anywhere. Really it is a matter of personal preference. 2. Take your district’s curriculum and look at what makes sense to teach in each month. For example, a primary teacher may want to teach health themes in September. Look at the theme you would like to teach and where in the curriculum it can be covered. For example, in a Kindergarten classroom you have to teach about hand washing, rest and exercise and safety, it makes sense to teach in September, so add it to the September box. Do this for every subject for each month of the school year. 3. Once the whole curriculum has been broken down into months in this way, it will be easier to make sure that everything is covered. Check the yearly plans frequently to see if it is being followed as planned. If not, modify the plan so that it is recorded for the next school year.
    4. The next step is to take the yearly plan and break it down by subject into months. For example, for the month of September, I will teach about weather, trees, seasons, and recycling in science. An example of a monthly plan for science is included below. Now you want to list the skills the students will be expected to learn, how it will be taught and how it will be assessed. Making a place for assessment is crucial, because instructional practices can be improved each year with the use of assessments. Continue to make a form for each subject area, listing the content, skills, objectives and assessments as shown below. 5. This may seem like a tedious process, but now it will be easier to create weekly or bi-weekly plans. You have already sketched the school year and each month to refer to, so most of the work has been done and you can be assured that you are meeting the district’s curriculum. Also it will be easier to plan for “extras,” such as projects and field trips when you can see where it fits into the curriculum. Fun projects can be justified when they meet and are an extension of the curriculum standards. Of course the style used for monthly and yearly planning is based upon personal preference. Some teachers prefer to write it out, others prefer to use computer software programs to plan, and still others prefer to create              documents in Word or Excel.
        Ultimately, you will be happiest when you do what works best for you. Remember the saying, “make more and work less.” The more time you spend working on your yearly plans for the classroom now, the more time you will save in years to come. Download the templates shown below here:
Important Link:

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Cow Sahay Per Month 900rs By Gujarat Government

        Bays: All the documentaries in the DocuBay library have been segregated into categories, making it easier for you to browse the collection and find content that matches your interests.
        There are any problems and then delete all copies from the beginning and end and a great weekend and then delete all copies from my phone number and email address has been changed my resume is enclosed herewith attached file of this communication.
      Choose your favorite categories from NatureBay, TravelBay, ScienceBay, CultureBay, BiographyBay, AdventureBay, and HumanityBay, to enjoy many hours of enlightening and exciting content. (Others Bays are coming soon!)
DocuBytes: Check out short snippets or previews of the documentaries in our library and find the next film you want to watch.
New releases every day: A new unmissable documentary will be released every day! You can also sneak a peek at the next day’s release.
DocBuster: Every month, one documentary gets the coveted title of DocBuster. Whether it is chosen for the many awards and honors it has received, or for covering vital issues, the DocBuster is one film that you don’t want to miss.
Download: You can watch the documentary of your choice even when your internet connection is taking a break! Just download the title to watch offline at leisure.
         Membership Options: You can opt for either a Premium membership or a OneTribe membership for DocuBay. Both give you access to stream unlimited documentaries on our platform.
TrendingBay: You can find the most popular and watched documentaries on our video streaming service by simply visiting the TrendingBay.
Favorites: Show your love for the films you’ve liked by clicking the heart icon near the title. They will be saved in a Favorites list in your account.
Watchlist: Whenever you find a documentary that you want to watch later or watch again, you can add it to your Watchlist for easy access.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Online Digital Learning Activity | Useful for Class 1 to 12 Students [All Subjects]

Online Digital Learning Activity | Useful for Class 1 to 12 Students. English, Maths, Science, Drawing All Subjects homework Videos and Lot's of Activities

School Staff ne Shakya Hoy Tya sudhi Ghare thi Kam Karva Ane School ma Na Bolava Babat Kendra no Letter. It is worth reading the Centre's letter not to call the teaching staff to work from home in the school as long as possible.
 According to the new guideline of the central government ...

Varsh 2019-20 ma Chalu Karel Youth and Eco Club ni Pravrutio 2020-21 ma Chalu Rakhva Babat SSA no Letter, Tarikh- 04/07/2020
Jillafer Aras Paras Badli ni Arjio Svikarva Babat Tatha Camp ni Tarikh Babat Niyamak Sir No Letter. Date 30/06/2020. The increase in the number of employees who have not been fixed as per the Seventh Pay Commission will have to be released as per the Sixth Pay Commission. Secondly that R.T. - Different page wise according to seniority will have to be presented in the series of data thousand in 3 forms according to seniority. There is no need to give annual increment so in the RT3 letter order coming from the school it is necessary to make a clear note in red pen in such a way that the employment number, name and annual increment of such employees are not receivable.

Employees whose increments are planned in January 2020 will also have to be clearly noted with a red pen. So that the increase of such employees will not be released again in July 2020. If such notice is not taken and the annual increase of such employees is released then all the responsibility arising in this regard will be on the head of the school. Of which special not.
In addition, employees who are retiring on 31/10/2020 due to age limit (with the benefit of the session) are not eligible for incremental benefits and regular increments are not required. Employees who retire on or after 31/07/2020 In addition to the employees who are in the regular pay scale from the fixed salary and who have completed six consecutive months or more on 01/07/2020, the increment is eligible in July 2020. Will be able to implement.

Note: - The schools whose result of Std.10 / 12 for the last three years is less than 30% will have to stop the increase by taking action as per the letter dated 24/06/2015 from the office here. If the order is not complied with, the principal will be responsible. The certificate attached herewith has to be submitted by the institution at the rate of Rs.

July 2020 ma 3% Increment Manjur kari RT-3 Patrak ma Aakarva babat Mahesana Jilla no Letter. According to the 6th pay commission announced earlier by the Gujarat government, an increase of 3% has to be sanctioned to the employees in the month of July every year. According to which, the employees who are currently on duty in the school on regular basis and all the employees who have been given the benefit of pay fixation as per the seventh salary, have been given an increase of 3% as per the rules. - 3 Forms must be brought along with the size of the pay band. So that it can be checked with the check list received from Index.

HTAT Aacharyo na Pagar Dhoran Babat Gujarat Rajya Shikshak Sang no Letter. HTAT Bharti ma Aavel Mukhya Shikshako na Pagar Vadhara babate Gujarat Rajya Prathmik Shixak Sang Dvara Rajya Sarkar ne Aa Letter lakhel che. Vadhu mahiti mate Letter juo.

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

There are 4 types of masks being sold in the market, know its features and choose the best mask for you

        Masks have proven to be the most effective weapon in the fight against coronavirus. Many health organizations like CDC, WHO are appealing to people to wear masks. Even in India, the government has made it mandatory to wear a mask, despite the large number of people showing negligence.
Wearing a mask can prevent you from infecting others with exhaled droplets and keep yourself safe. When coughing, sneezing or talking, the mask holds the viral droplets, making it less likely that the virus will reach another person. There are four types of masks available in the market. It has different characteristics. So choose the right mask and stay safe.

Here are the different types of masks and find out which one is best for you-

N95 mask::

       The N95 mask has been the most talked about during the epidemic. This mask traps small particles (0.3 microns) by about 95%. Usually such small particles are difficult to prevent.
These masks are single use and are made of polyester and other synthetic fibers. It has a layer of fiber that acts as a filter. It stops the particles. This mask should make sure that there is no gap between your skin and the mask. It has a nosepiece that can suit the shape of the face. If you have a beard on your face, that mask will not fit properly. These masks don't even fit on children's faces.
Some N95 masks have a front acceleration valve, making it easier to breathe. These masks are commonly used in construction. Valve masks should not be used in places like hospital operation rooms.

Medical mask::

         There are many types of these types of masks and less effective than N95. Some of these masks block 60 to 80 percent of the particles in the lab condition. If you wear a medical mask properly, it can help prevent coronavirus.
Medical masks are usually breathable and made of synthetic fibers such as paper. They are rectangular in shape and folded to form benches. Due to its shape it fits easily on the face. These masks are disposable and made for one-time use.
This mask protects you from large droplets, but is less effective compared to the N95 because it is a little looser on the face.

Home made mask

         Many people use homemade masks due to low supply of medical masks. If it is a good fabric and well made it offers protection like a medical mask.
A good homemade mask made from cotton cloth is able to prevent the virus.
Such masks can also be made from heavy cotton t-shirts. Material in which the amount of thread is high. That mask provides extra protection. There are ways to make cotton masks available on the internet. Search for a mask that has at least two layers and covers your nose and beard.

Home made filter mask

      This is another type of cotton mask made of 100% cotton T-shirt. This mask has a back pocket that acts as a filter. We used a coffee filter in it. Paper towels have also been tested. This experiment showed that two layers of paper towels block 23 to 33 percent from 0.3 microns.

      People are using a lot of filter material in the meantime. It includes air filters and vacuum bags. It can be effective but there are risks involved. Often not breathable and often contains dangerous fibers, which you inhale with your breath.

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