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Friday, September 25, 2020

learn about Use of technology in primary school education


Educational devices projector

In ancient times the classroom meant only utterances and listening which included a blackboard, squares and textbooks but now a variety of interactive boards are used.

Types of projectors: slide projector filmstrip projector overhead projector

Epidioscopeslide projector:

A slide projector is a visual device. The details presented in it can be seen on the screen. Slight is a square and rectangular transparent plate with a picture. Plates, pictures, slides, text, etc., ranging from ૩ "’ ૩ "to 10" × 10 "are usually displayed on the screen and can be viewed with interest.


  1. Students' imagination develops.
  2. The knowledge of the textbook becomes tangible.
  3. Concepts - Interpretations are clear.
  4. The concept can be clarified through colored text and pictures.
  5. This tool is very successful in showing diagrams in science.
  6. This tool is useful for showing maps, graphs in social sciences.

FilmStrip projector

A series of 8 to 10 or more pictures taken on a plastic strip that is sequentially transparent on any subject is called a filmstrip. Pictures drawn in filmstrip can be seen on the screen in large size throughout the class. If the teacher wants, he can make his own color or black and white filmstrip according to his own skills.


Sequential films can be shown as per the teacher's wishes and as long as the student understands and the subject can be confirmed. Classroom life comes alive. With less effort and less cost, the teacher can prepare the filmstrip himself. The imagination of the students develops.

Overhead projector

The overhead projector is just one part of the projector. The teacher can stand in front of the class while using it. From which transparent objects of any size up to 10 "× 10" can be projected. It was first used to train soldiers during World War II.


  • Figures, drawings and maps can be projected.
  • There is no need to do a specific task separately.
  • The operation of an overhead projector does not require the assistance of another person.
  • The teacher is facing the class so it is easy to discuss.
  • Epidioscope The epidioscope projectes an opaque image onto the screen.
  • No other tool has the ability to project this type of opaque literature. This tool is especially important because of its unique properties.

Design of an epidioscope

An epidioscope is a metal box-like structure with bulbs, reflective mirrors, lens-1, lens-2 slide / filmstripe stand etc. in the main parts. It uses a bulb of 500 to 1000 volts. The bottom of the seat has a handle-like structure. Opaque material to be projected is placed on the seat.

Contribution / use of epidioscope in teaching process

The epidioscope is useful for projecting opaque material and transparent material such as filmstrip or slide.

Necessary reference books, magazines, newspapers as well as other opaque materials for children can be presented by placing them directly on the seat of the epidioscope.

Content that is small in size can be presented in large sizes.

Handwritten texts of great personalities can be used to display student compositions or diagrams.A picture, figure or diagram can be enlarged in the class.Can be used to display small solid opaque objects.

Taperecorder In ancient times, poetry was taught orally in a subject like Gujarati, but due to the limitations of teachers, children were not interested in it. But if the poem is recited with melody, rhythm, beat and musical instruments, the children will feel something different. Usually the teacher can use these tools in the classroom.

  • A single cassette can be used for a very long time.
  • The school becomes very useful in the cultural program.
  • Children can be motivated by presenting good speech recorded in the past.
  • The child can be informed of the pronunciation by recording his speech.
  • There remains scope for consolidation and repetition. Can be installed easily and at low cost.


The usefulness of television as an effective means of education is recognized in almost all countries of the world. Effectiveness is found in the study side by its widespread use in education. It is an auditory device through which a child develops the ability to gain experience and knowledge.


With this device the class can be kept alive. · This device can show periodic demonstrations of lessons and educational activities by GIET and BISAG.

  • Learning becomes enjoyable, active and stress-free.
  • The journey of learning becomes a journey of joy.
  • One can demonstrate historical places in a subject like social science while sitting in the classroom.
  • Students in television education are happier and happier than in classroom education. Which is everlasting.

Thus the fruits of television education can be more fruitful than systemic education.


It is not wrong to call today's age the mobile age. Mobile is an electronic device that is readily available everywhere. In today's educational environment the mobile device is a hindrance but if used properly and disciplined it can become an educational device of teaching.

Use of mobile in education: -

Rhymes, nursery rhymes, poems, prayers etc. can be presented to the children through the use of mobile.

Since the mobile has a recording facility, the teacher can use it in the appropriate subject in the class.

In a subject like social science, teacher timeline, global time information can be presented to the class through mobile.

Through the use of mobile, cultural programs, class programs, excursions or photographs, video recordings can be done in the school.

A memory card is a storage device used in a mobile phone with a storage capacity of up to 16GB. A pen drive is a simple device used to store pen information and transfer information from one computer to another. A pen drive is a pen-like structure. Which can be easily kept in our pocket. A pen drive is a storage device in which information can be easily stored. Pen drives are currently available in the market in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB. The invention of the pen drive - Toshiba Company (Japan) in which the teacher can use the pen drive in many ways. When using a pen drive, take special care not to transmit the virus.

Use of pen drive in school: -

A pen drive can be used to store information.

Their knowledge can be updated by presenting information like pictures, video clips, audio clips etc. downloaded from the internet in the pen drive in the classroom. Bookish knowledge alone cannot be limited.

The pen drive can be used to store the school's cultural program, photographs, video recordings, etc., and demonstrate them to other students in the future.

Pen drives can be used more easily than CDs or DVDs.

You tube downloader You tube downloader is a kind of application through which you can download every video on you tube in any format (3 GP, MP3, MP-4, WMP FLV) d. ત. keepvide, vdowloader

CD / DVD::

In today's age of technology it has become necessary to collect information while devices like CD / DVD have also become indispensable for collecting information in education. Which is used to achieve a specific purpose at the right time in the class.

DVD: - Use of DIGITAL VERSATILE DISKCD / DVD in education: -

CDs are used to store information. CD information can only be read but not rewritten. · CDs can also be used for the release of games, movies, animations, etc. · CDs have a storage capacity of 700GB.

The entire encyclopedia can be stored on the CD. · While the DVD is used as mentioned above on the CD. But its storage capacity is very high. · DVD storage capacity is 4.7GB. · CD and DVD are cheaper and more easily manipulated than any other device.


We usually feed the information into the computer and want to print it. A unit connected to a computer to print or print information is called a printer. A wide variety of printers are currently available in the market. There were black and white printers some time ago but now coloring printers are available. Such as laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, line printers etc. can be included. Nowadays laser printers are becoming more useful.


The scanner is one of the input tools. The scanner can be used to scan any small information and display it on the screen magnified. The modern scanner converts 4800 dots per square inch into different digits. Researchers have also made hand scanners 






Monday, June 29, 2020


The most universal education app for Gujarati Kids

     Best app for Gujarati kids. Now your kid learn everything with this app. Gujarati Pathshala For Kids, is the smart app for Gujarati kids, the best learning solution for Gujarati kids.
Fun way of learning Gujarati .

If your preschool kids don't know the Gujarati then this is the perfect app for your kids.
This app specially for nursery kids.

You can learn lots of things through this Gujarati kids app like Gujarati Alphabet Tracing, Mathematics numbers, Fruits, Animals, Vegetables, Birds names, Colors, Shapes.

     Kids love tracing. Kids love painting. This is an easy way with which they can self learn the Gujarati Alphabets. The best Gujarati alphabets tracing for Gujrati kids.

App introduce all various important categories-

- Gujarati Barakhadi
- Gujarati Varnamala
- Numbers in Gujarati
- Colors in Gujarati
- Shapes in Gujarati
- Animals in Gujarati
- Birds in Gujarati
- Flowers in Gujarati
- Fruits in Gujarati
- Vehicles in Gujrati
- Sports in Gujrati
- Professions in Gujrati
- Body parts in Gujrati
- Electronics in Gujrati
- Dangerous things for kids in Gujrati
- School items in Gujrati
- Vegetables in Gujarati
- Good Habits in Gujarati
- Worship of Lord Ganpati, Poojapat in Gujarati

* Gujarati Kids App lets you take practice session along with score n achievements. This will give you the details of your kids growth.

* Gujarati Kids App have the worship section, because it's important for relaxation, meditation, will power improvement & concentration.

* It also helps Gujrati kids practice Gujarati barakhadi and varnamala writing on their by tracing each letter.

    Good Habit section will teach your kids how to maintain good manner & discipline, it also shows difference between good & bad habits graphically, it's so much easy to understand and grasp for your kids.
As they say, one picture is equal to thousand words, we have put more emphasis on teaching good habits to gujarati kids through images.

Good habit like - brush your teeth everyday, take bath everyday are taught using images.

      One image depicts what happens if you follow those habits, another one shows what might happen if you don't follow them. Images have more influence than mere words, so kids are more likely to follow these good habits.

      Gujarati Kids App every category divided into 3 main section which is Introduction, Practice & Score.
So now its very easy to learn and practice the basic gujarati .

The app takes complete care of your child's learning!
This app is equivalent to Gujrati learn for kids in a nutshell.
Best Gujarati educational app for gujarati kids.

Download Gujarati Kids App today.

Gujarati Kids App Download

Gujarati Kids App Download

     It can be hard to keep kids occupied sometimes, especially when school is out. That's why you typically reach for tablets, phones, or other electronic devices for your kids to play with when they're bored. But it can be difficult to figure out which apps are worth downloading (and even buying) — let alone deciding which ones are safe and kid-friendly.

     That's why the Good Housekeeping Institute tested a bunch of apps on the market and consulted our consumer panel (made up of real parents and their children!) in order to find the best ones to download. Whether your kid is in pre-school or high school, there are fun, educational, and even some free apps on this list for them, no matter what they're interested in. Grab your charger (or portable battery) and download the best apps for kids in 2020.
       This app shows various section like Gujarati Mulakshar, English Alphabets, Gujarati Months, English months, Week days in Gujarati, Gujarati Barakhadi, Gujarati numbers, Shapes and Color in Gujarati, Birds, Animals, Directions, Games for kids.

      Gujarati Kids App is a way of learning Gujarati for kids or first time learners.
There is fun games for kids to identify the pictures/words also memory games for kids
-Gujarati learning apps.
-Gujarati kids educational apps
-Gujarati alphabet.

Download Kids app 

Learning Delight app Download For Students


      Learning Delight app provides the Gujarat State Board content for std. 1 to 8.  The content is in the form of animations, videos, audio and text to better facilitate the learning experience of the child.

Features :
      Content - The content is mapped according to the syllabus prescribed by the Gujarat State Education Board.  It has subjects like Mathematics, Science etc.

Quiz section - The quiz sections for standards 6 to 8 enable the child to take MCQ quizes for each chapter and contain a large data set of questions.  Each time a new question paper is generated from the same.

Results - For each quiz taken, we provide an in depth result analysis along with comparative analysis of the same question answered by other users.

Shala Mitr Application Download for Standard 1 to 12 Students

      New NCERT Textbooks 📚, MCQ ✅, Video ▶️ and more for STD 1 to 12 as GSEB Course

      'School Mitr' helps you to practice and manage your day to day learning. This app is developed as per Gujarat Government Primary Schools Curriculum, however, this app is not affiliated with GSEB in any way.

– GSEB / GHSEB News (Paripatro/Notifications)
– New 2020 NCERT (GCERT) Books
– GSEB Exam Schedule (Time Table) & Rules
– Textbooks For Standard 1 to 12
– MCQ For STD 5 to 12
– Exercise Solution
– MCQ Provided as per Curriculum
– Old Question Paper
– Essay Section
– Bal Vibhag (Child Section)
– Balshrushti Section
– Material Design
– Easy To Navigate
– Gujarat Board Textbook in Gujarati
– Videos For Audio Visual Learning
– Download Text Books Offline
– Std 10 all subject book in Gujarati
– Std 12 all subject book in Gujarati
– Std 10 MCQs in Gujarati
– Std 12 MCQs in Gujarati

Textbooks available for all major subjects like below.
– Science
– Maths
– Biology + Practical
– Physics + Practical
– Chemistry + Practical
– Following books are also provided
      Gujarati, Hindi, English, Maths, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science as well as other such as Sangeet, Yoga, Computer, Tabla, Jiv vigyan (Biology), Bhautik Shastra (Physics), Rasayan Shastra (Chemistry), Rajyashastra etc...

Material for 11th and 12th Arts, Commerce and Science are also provided.

This Gujarati medium study app helps you to achieve success.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

SSA Gujarat E Content STD 5 to 8 Animation Videos Gujarati Medium Online Free

          Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is Government of India's flagship programme for achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE) in a time bound manner, as mandated by 86th amendment to the Constitution of India making free and compulsory Education to the Children of 6-14 years age group, a Fundamental Right.
         SSA is being implemented in partnership with State Governments to cover the entire country and address the needs of 192 million children in 1.1 million habitations.
      The programme seeks to open new schools in those habitations which do not have schooling facilities and strengthen existing school infrastructure through provision of additional class rooms, toilets, drinking water, maintenance grant and school improvement grants.
       Existing schools with inadequate teacher strength are provided with additional teachers, while the capacity of existing teachers is being strengthened by extensive training, grants for developing teaching-learning materials and strengthening of the academic support structure at a cluster, block and district level.
       SSA seeks to provide quality elementary education including life skills. SSA has a special focus on girl's education and children with special needs. SSA also seeks to provide computer education to bR&Dge the digital divide.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Namo E-Tablet Yojana 2020

 To make the digital means popular in our country, the prime minister of our country has come with a unique way to popularise the digital of education. In this article today, we will share with everyone the important aspects of the Namo Tablet Yojana

     In this article today, we will touch important issues regarding the Namo tablet Yojana such as a step by step procedure to register yourself online under the scheme. We will also share other important procedures such as checking specifications, prices and all of the other details regarding the tablet.

Namo E-Tablet Yojana 2020

     Through the implementation of the scheme, free tablets will be provided to the students of colleges. The tablets will be provided with a subsidized price of 1000 rupees because the Government wants to implement the new avenues of modern education in our country by providing good quality technical products to the students so that they can touch heights. This will prove to be a very helpful scheme for all of the students because of the availability of tablets in only rupees thousand.

Specifications Of Namo Tablet

    The tablets which we provided to the students in the following specifications:-

Processor1.3GHz MediaTek
Internal memory8GB
External memory64GB
Camera2MP (rear), 0.3MP (front)
Touch screenCapacitive
Battery3450 mAh Li-Ion
Operating SystemAndroid v5.1 Lollipop
SIM cardYes
Voice CallingYes
PriceRs. 8000-9000
Warranty1 Year for the handset, 6 months for in-box accessories

Eligibility Criteria

To avail, the benefits of the scheme you have to follow the following eligibility criteria mention below:-
  • First, the annual income of the applicant’s household must not exceed Rupees 1 lakh.
  • The applicant must be a resident of the Gujarat state.
  • The students must belong to below the poverty line category.
  • The students must have completed 12th in this financial year and must have been admitted to the first year of graduation course in any college.

Documents Required

     The following documents are required while applying for the Namo tablet scheme:-
  • Domicile certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Voter ID card
  • Aadhar card
  • 12th passing certificate
  • Certificate to confirm the Admission in the under-graduation course or Polytechnic course
  • Below the poverty line certificate
  • Caste certificate

Details Of Namo E-Tablet Scheme Gujarat

NameNamo Tablet Yojana
Launched by Vijay Rupani
ObjectiveProviding tablets in Rs.1000
Official Website

Procedure to Register For Namo Tablet Yojana

      To register yourself under the scheme you have to follow the simple procedure given below:-
  • You have to visit your respective college to enroll in the Namo tablet scheme.
  • The institution will then institute will provide the details of the eligible candidates on the official website.
  • The authorities will login on this portal via their unique institute ID.
  • The Institute will have to go ‘Add New Student’ tab.
  • They will provide your details like name, category, course, etc. in it.
  • Now they will enter the board and the seat number which belongs to you.
  • They will then deposit the money (Rs. 1000) to the head of the institute.
  • The head will generate a receipt against this payment.
  • The receipt number and date will be entered on the website.
  • Finally, the tablet will be provided to you.


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